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Approaching Arpeggios

Approaching arpeggios is not only a good way to learn basic arpeggio shapes. It is also a great way to create interesting musical ideas.

Example 1 outlines one octave of a Cmaj7 arpeggio.


Ex.1a shows the same Cmaj7 arpeggio with the root approached from a half-step above.


Now apply example 1a to the following Cmaj7 arpeggios:

        Ex.2 - Basic                 Ex.2a - With Approach

        Ex.3 - Basic                 Ex.3a - With Approach

        Ex.4 - Basic                 Ex.4a - With Approach

        Ex.5 - Basic                 Ex.5a - With Approach

        Ex.6 - Basic                 Ex.6a - With Approach

        Ex.7 - Basic                 Ex.7a - With Approach

Be certain to apply these approaches to all diatonic chords in C major, and listen to the different implications.
Diatonic chords: Cmaj7 Dm7 Em7 Fmaj7 G7 Am7 Bm7b5

Also, take one or two arpeggios and move that shape up and down the fretboard, in order to get the feeling of the shape in your fingers.

Stay tuned for more approaches.

About the Author
Dario is a guitarist, singer and songwriter based in the mid-Hudson area, one hour north of New York City. Besides an active gig schedule, he teaches music. In a recent email Dario states, "My goal is to teach music in a manner which assists students to become creative and to help them cope with music theory." Find out more about Dario's debut CD Porcelain Angel at CD Baby and at Amazon.com.

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