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Tapping Arpeggios - Part 1

Hi, there!

This is the first part of my series "Tapping Arpeggios".

Why "tapping"? - I use a lot of two-handed licks in my playing. I started to explore and include more of this technique into my style because of the smooth and fluid sounds created with two-hand playing.

My influences include Allan Holdsworth, Scott Henderson, Al Di Meola, Frank Gambale and other great masters.

Greg Howe is the player who got me into using tapping licks in my style (of course, not personally - but through his albums Greg changed my view of playing!).

Why arpeggios? - I like to play arpeggios very much! Since they are my favourite licks, I decided to show them first.

The examples below show a few of the techniques that I have used in my last album. I developed these techniques over more than 3 years playing and I'm continuing to experiment . I hope that the results are good!

download the MP3 - I used this lick in the piece "Pearl Driver"

download the MP3 - This lick appears in the piece "Exotic Nights"

download the MP3 - This arpeggio lick is similar to example 2

download the MP3 - With this lick I finished the song "Cool Breeze"

About the Author
Atanas Shishkov is a guitar player from Bulgaria. He was born in 1975 and began playing guitar at the age of 16. Since 1994 until now he has recorded over 10 electric solo projects and experiments in different styles. Atanas likes to explore the music of the great masters - Greg Howe, Allan Holdsworth, Frank Gambale, Scott Henderson and Al di Meola. His last album CD "Flying Colours" was finished in august, 2002. This project is in fusion style and contains 8 instrumental pieces. Visit Atana's website

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