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Some Shred

Hello to all,

In this lesson, I would like to give you some advice for your shred technique.

The first two examples are for alternate picking with groups of 5 or 6 notes.

First of all I'd suggest you to assume a 'classical' position of your body behind the guitar. The left hand should be perpendicular to the board to gain the ability of wider stretches.

Many great players like Paul Gilbert, Micheal Angelo or Rusty Cooley display different positions for right hands, but their picking is awesome in all cases and suitably adjusted to their personal physical abilities! So work on your own positions!

Second step is to make some warm-up exercises just to be more at ease in alternate picking. Make use of a metronome for these as well as for the following exercises.

audio sample 01

To increase your alternate picking speed to that of famous guitar players is a factor only determined by practice. You need to have complete syncronization between left and right hands and your mind should be acutely focussed on what you are playing.

This sample is based on a 4 notes pattern so you can use all the fingers of your left hand.

audio sample 02

The third example is based on legato technique with one note tapping that gives you a more fluent effect during solos; you can pick the first note of every string or play it with a hammer on.

audio sample 03

I really hope you can benefit from these.



About the Author
Francesco released his first instrumental album called Suspension where you can find a lot of shred guitar parts combined with intricate keyboards melodies. Available also are 2 instructional CD-Roms 'Arpeggios' and 'High Shred Techs' for Chops From Hell site. Visit www.francescofareri.com

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