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An Etude

Today we are going to learn an etude that I wrote. This piece is very classical sounding but it doesn't matter.

I like to play many styles of music, and quite often even violin pieces. Its great for your chops and it's musically sound. So let me explain this.

This C minor etude starts out with a Cm add9th arpeggio and then leads to a pedal point on the G, on Beat 4 and 5 (bar 1). This pedal point technique is often used in classical music.

Then we proceed to a Bb add9 Arpeggio also with a pedal point like the Cm. Notice the first 3 bars are in 5/4.

In bar 4 we have a dim7th arpeggio moving in min 3rds. Those of you who dont know about the Dim 7th, they can have 4 different roots. In this case we have a (F,Ab,B,D) Diminished 7th arpeggio.

In Bar 5 we resolve to the relative maj (Eb). Then back to the diminished arpeggios...

In Bar 6 we continue the diminished arpeggios but in a 4 note pattern up and down in min 3rd intervals until we resolve back to Cm in Bar 8.

This piece is pretty much straightforward. The notes in this etude are based out of the C harmonic minor scale (C,D Eb,F,G,Ab,B) and the C Min Scale (C,D,Eb,F,G,Ab,Bb).

Click THIS LINK to hear Mike play this etude

Make sure you use a metronome and alternate picking. I use alot of similiar techiques in a song called "Crash and Burn" off my CD "Full Circle". So check it out. For more info go to Mikecampese.com.

Ok good Luck!!!

Don´t forget to check out Mike´s instructional method "Virtuoso Rock & Fusion Concepts", available on VCD, DVD and Video. Click THIS LINK to read more about and order your copy !


About the Author
GIT-graduate Mike Campese describes himself as an all-around music performer, session artist and teacher competent in many musical styles, electric, and acoustic. He released three CDs, "Total Freedom", "Full Circle" and "Vibe", played on the "Warmth in The Wilderness" album and released an instructional video for ChopsFromHell. Check out Mike's official website Mikecampese.com. You can listen to soundfiles of Mike's work, including clips of the songs from his newest album "Vibe".

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