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Meter, Phrase Displacement, Accent Displacement, Polyrhythm

Phrase and Accent Displacement

Phrase Displacement

There are some phrases that lend themselves naturally to being in a particular meter.

If you play a sequence like 1,2,3;2,3,4;3,4,5 etc... this is a triple pattern. You would expect the accents to fall on the first note of each group of three ascending tones.

Example 6


You can move the reference point and change the sound of the line by shifting the sequence.

With this triple pattern you can shift forward or backward by one.

Shifting the sequence forward by one.


Shifting the sequence backward by one.


Accent Displacement

You can change the sound of the line by shifting the accents.

Shift the accents forward by one.


Shift the accents backward by one.


Another transformation is to play the line using the same note values, but changing the accents to imply a different meter.
In this case double duple as opposed to triple.

Example 11


Yet another transformation is to play the line as different note values, keeping the accents on the same notes.
As 1/8th notes as opposed to tripets.


Next, we combine the last two transforms and play the notes as 1/8th notes with accents on the first of every 4 notes.

Example 13


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