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NotationSoundTablatureGuitar related
Melodic Minor Modes
Brett Garsed

In this lesson, Brett shows you how to utilize the melodic minor scale in a minor blues context - a great way to add some interesting ideas to your blues-playing, whether you are into jazz or rock!


Guitar related
11 Mistakes Guitar Players Make and How To Avoid Them
Tom Hess

There are specific reasons why guitar players go through such frustration and disappointment. Here are 11 key mistakes players make and repeat over and over again that you should definitely avoid.


How To Practice Guitar With A Limited Amount Of Time
Tom Hess

While it may be rather difficult to increase the total time you have available to practice guitar, it is very possible to maximize the results you get from the practice time you do have available. Here is what you need to do to get maximum results...


NotationSoundTablatureGuitar related
The Melodic Minor Scale
Mike Campese

In this brand new lessons, Mike introduces you to the melodic minor scale and its arpeggios, plus gives you an excerpt of his version of "Carol Of The Bells". Merry melodic christmas!


NotationTablatureGuitar related
The Half/Whole Diminished Scale
Chris Juergensen

The half/whole diminished scale is what we call a symmetrical scale, based on a repeating pattern of half and whole step intervals. This article will teach you where to use it and how to build chords and lines utilizing it.


NotationTablatureGuitar related
A conversation with the King Of Heart
Eric Vandenberg

The second part in a series of interviews with german guitar players. This time, I am talking to Abi von Reininghaus. Featuring a bio, soundfiles, an instructional section and more !


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